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About Us

“Inutile descrivere cosa sia Insula360, occorre immergersi dentro …”

Insula360 of ers a series of experiences tailored to the needs of everyone who visits the island throughout the year.

Our aim in these escapades is to put across our deep knowledge of the island, and through this we give you, our travellers, the opportunity to take time for themselves to visit our land and take home indelible memories of our ancient island, illuminated by a thousand colourful experiences.

Every day a dinghy will leave from San Teodoro. On board you will find an expert helmsman, someone who has lived this part of the coast since childhood and a dolphin expert. They will be your guides to this paradise of life, colour and history.

The journey inland is entrusted to the faihful ‘Toreddu’ minibus that, winding up into the Nuragic Barbagia, will take you back thousands of years into the ‘Island of Towers’. A visit to the area around Dorgali, a treasure trove of extraordinary ancient monuments and the enchanted Supramonte will complete the experience.
In both cases these escapades will only be open to a few people, partly -alas -for safety reasons, but also to allow you to fully plunge yourself into an experience light years from daily life.

In all this will be interwoven moments of pure forgetfulness: a solitary dip in the bluest Gallura sea, a restful break in the shadow of a Giant’s Tomb, or even a refreshment stop at an ancient Pinettu, enjoying forgotten dishes with unique flavours.

A series of characters in search of an author will accompany you on the ‘Isle of Forgetfulness’: a hopeful boy, a dolphin girl, a Molara native, an ex-young archaeologist and a quicksilver mother, master of the seas and part-time biologist. …


Born in Molara, the young King of the Green teaches to little George the principles handed down by Mme Genevieve.
He believes so much in Insula and his motto is “Li soldi andani e torrani” (Money commes and goes).



My name is Fabio and I come from a family of fishermen, guardians of the Island of Molara, the secret heart of the park. I took my first steps among rocks, sand and seagrass; it was my childhood school, burned by the sun and salt. I was born when the Marine Protected Area was being formed, I am therefore the son of a period of great awareness that made me develop a profound awareness of living in a paradise to be protected and respected. From an early age I developed the perception that the sea can be both serene and dangerous at the same time; for this reason, the irreverent jokes with the tourists alternate with a constant analysis of every slightest movement of the wind, of the boat, of the new crew. I know many secrets of these waters, and when at sunset I slowly return to port with the guests I properly season these stories as only Mediterranean sailors can do: likeable scoundrels, eternally liars. My name is Fabio and I am a son of these islands.



A little explorer and a little dreamer, he was crowned leader of Insula by his companions.
Enthroned he will take the name of Amnesia 1st.


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