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Excursions in the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara

Every day a rubber dinghy leaves from San Teodoro with an expert helmsman who has lived these stretches of coast since he was a child, assisted by a dolphin scholar who will lead you in a conscious way into this paradise of life, colors and history.

The departure takes place from the beach of Cala Suaraccia or Le Farfalle, located in the heart of the marine area.

Very positive aspect as we are within the archipelago of the islands of Tavolara and Molara, and on windy days (Sirocco above all) we are sheltered from wind and waves. Often annoying especially when you have children, customers of a certain age or customers who have little confidence with the sea.

We make our first stop on a beach (which we prefer not to spoil):

It is a cove with unique colors. Immersed in greenery and deserted even in the most chaotic month like August!

Second stop at the Proratora cave: where we will have a very short panoramic visit where you can take suggestive photos and videos.

Third stop at the Natural Pools of Molara, my home!

Between one dive and another we then move on to the curiosities that the Island hides, from the stories of my grandfather Salvatore (guardian of the Island for almost 30 years).

We do the fourth stage at the Tavolara crag, seen from below it has a completely different effect! We will arrive at a small inlet where, as we slowly enter, we can admire all its beauty.

In the fifth stage we plan to land on the island, where we will stop for approximately 1 hour. Here our customers have the opportunity to:

  • take advantage of the various services (bar and toilets above all),
  • walk towards the Tavolara cemetery
  • swimming in Cala Tramontana


We will make the sixth and final stop at Spiaggia delle Vacche and Baia della Tartaruga at the flat stones, here too – surrounded by magnificent scenery – our guests will have the opportunity to make another snorkelling stop.

With complete calm and relaxation, and between one laugh and another, we slowly return to the beach.

A solo dive into the bluest sea of Gallura

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